Attendee Engagement 101

Keeping attendees happy and engaged is one of the most important benefits of using an event management and communication platform such as ours, by offering in-time valuable information, Fast Forward Interactives event App can help create lasting impressions, imperative for attendee and members’ loyalty. lets have a look at how our tailor-made communications and events platform can help you reach new heights!

Event communication becomes simplified.

Once the attendees and members register through the App they will gain access to all relevant documentation, forms, schedules and presentations, this will prove beneficial for preparation and increase engagement on relevant topics or discussions, not only that, but, the App allows for streamlining of all processes when it comes to registration, polls,surveys etc, this gives the members and attendees a sense of inclusion right from the get-go.

Interactive sessions and live polling.

attendees and members alike will enjoy voting on issues/questions or ideas during sessions, the freedom and ease of engagement provided, will lead to higher satisfaction survey results which in turn, will increase the success of the overall event experience for all.

Interactive Sessions – Encourage attendees to engage with sessions through live polling, discussions and Q&A’s.


*Live discussion 

*Q & A’s 

*Live polling

Push Notifications.

Push notifications are not only an amazing way to leverage off sponsors but also play a crucial role in keeping your attendees engaged and up-to-date.

Live feed and messaging.

For ultimate engagement we offer a live feed for attendees to post, comment and interact like never before, we also have the option for group chat, this can happen before, during and after the event or conference. what amazing network opportunities this creates! this will aid the attendees to connect with like-minded people and get rewarded by doing so, with points allocation and leaderboard achievements.


Gamification is a fun tool to utilize for maximum engagement, attendees can score points on comments, questions, likes, polling, voting, reading material or visiting sponsors links, they can reach goals and gain achievements, this is also wonderful to use for leveraging on sponsors- sponsors can also sponsor prizes for the leaderboard. 

The opportunities are endless with Fast-Forward interactive, please click the link below to claim your obligation free consultation and let us meet all your requirements! looking forward to hearing from you!

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