Association Apps – The new way forward

There are 2.8 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store. 21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day. 49% of people open an app 11+ times each day. 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps.

Associations have increasingly embraced consumers affinity for Apps, using them to put resources and benefits at members fingertips ~ Alex Beall

People use their mobile devices for communicating, reading, learning and just about everything else, Apps make much of that activity possible. Among the many Benefits of using an Association App, as well as the current market affairs, Associations now have less things to worry about! Increased engagement and communication, relevant and timely information updates, Lets look at some of the ways that Associations are using apps to make their products, services and other benefits more accessible and valuable to their members.

Increased Engagement:

Most Associations communicate via social media and email, but this is becoming less effective, in contrast there are various ways to communicate via an Association App, notify your members using the in-app activity feed, send up push notifications and pop up messages, have webinars or leverage Youtube or communicate directly using the messaging feature,  which ever way you choose, our Association App can help reach stakeholders and cut through the communication clutter of other platforms.

Promote your event:

Use your Association App to promote your events, send PDF brochures, streamline the registration process and increase your sponsorship opportunities! In fact, taking in account the current ban on gatherings or events, why not take your event up virtually? The opportunities are endless.

Value Add:

By having your own custom Association App, it’s a great way to value your members, a great way to build relationships and a personalized and collaborated platform for all your members to engage on.

Access Feedback from your members:

A great resource to gain feedback from your members! Set up polls, surveys and forms for members to fill out, gain insights about your members to better cater for their needs.

Increase your membership base:

A focal point for many associations is growing their membership base! By having an Association App that engages your members and gives them a sense of inclusion and personalization, they will in turn feel valued, In 2016, it was reported that millennial check their phones around 150 times a day. While we aren’t saying that those of older generations don’t check their phones a lot (most do), this fact, paired with the statistic that 89% of all media time is spent in apps, this paints a pretty vivid picture of just how much time millennials spend on their phone in apps. By having a high-functioning and relevant app, your association is catering more towards the habits and tendencies of younger potential members, giving them a greater incentive to join.

Entertainment and gamification:

Humans have a competitive nature! Boost your engagement and award points and incentives to your members for pages visited, comments on posts, profile updates and the like, watch your members fight for the top of the leader board! Leverage off your sponsors for prizes for the top 3 on the leader board. Watch how you improve engagement and communication! This is also a great opportunity for your sponsors to gain traction.

Leverage your sponsors!

With the implementation of an Association App, the opportunities for sponsorship double, having all your members engaged on one platform is a huge plus point for sponsors to gain traction and see return of investment. Leverage off of these opportunities to pay for your App! We would love to send you more information on this aspect.


When it comes to considering our Association App, the question is not why? But why not? Schedule a Skype call with us today!

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