Track, monitor, report and manage

Attendance Tracking

Immediate records of attendance for safety, catering, CPD, sponsored or mandatory sessions.
Scan from your own device, create self scanning stations or allow attendees to self check-in.
Generate, analyse and respond to statistics at any time.

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Real-time attendance management & insights

  • Enable immediate records of attendance for everything from safety, catering, CPD, sponsored or mandatory sessions.
  • Allows staff to scan badges via the Track App.
  • Create rules for entry and controlled sessions.
Attendance tracking
Strengthen Engagement

Automated scanning stations

  • Convert iPads and other devices to scanning stations with ‘set and forget’ technology that automatically opens, closes and switches sessions
  • Use existing event schedule to create automated scanning stations per room
  • Customise session opening and closing times based on event specific requirements

Generate, analyse & respond to statistics at any time

  • Results and data instantly available within the CMS or in the Track App
  • Attendees can view attended sessions via the Event App
  • View session attendance with access to a range of reporting options
Streamline Communications