Engaging networking and gamification


Forge lasting connections by fostering networking before, during and after the event.
Bring your event to life by empowering attendees to share content, participate in live activity feeds and gamification.

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Facilitate Networking

  • Connect attendees with direct and group messaging.
  • Searchable in-app profile list.
  • Make connections and exchange details by scanning other attendees.
  • Attendees can manage and edit personal profile, image and privacy settings.
Strengthen Engagement


  • Provides powerful options to incentivise attendees.
  • Reward attendees with points for posting, commenting, participating and more.
  • Display a live attendee leaderboard in the app.
  • Award achievements for repeat actions, great for boosting discussion in the activity feed

Create a digital community

  • Get the conversation flowing pre, during and post event with an in-app activity feed.
  • Attendees can share thoughts, statuses, experiences and photos.
  • Includes comments on speakers, exhibitor and sponsor pages.
  • Post as event organiser
    or sponsor.
  • Secure and in-house, no requirement for existing social media accounts to participate.
Streamline Communications