Nina & Ryan Dube

Thanks so much for a Great! Great! Great! evening.  Besides the party which was off the hook, from the moment the reception started the music was perfect.  The mood was right and perfect songs at the perfect level allowed people to chat and at the same time appreciate the songs being played.  The lighting blended in with the room and did not take away from the décor at all. 

The music was just AWESOME!!! After giving you random song lists we were a bit worried that you may not get the mix right but the sequence of the songs and the way the songs were mixed it was literally non-stop fun no matter what genre you played.  Nina and I and all the other guests did not want to leave the floor for too long. So many people have been asking and telling us since then, where did you find the Dj? who was the Dj? the Dj was excellent, the music topped off what was such a beautiful day and…and…and…we could keep going. 

Thanks a lot Jerome and we really wish you all the best going forward. 

Nina & 

Ryan Dube

Venue: Moon & Sixpence

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