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Event feedback

Feedback is one of the key elements for every event organizer, it holds the key to a better received version of your event, Event organizers make use of feedback to constantly improve the quality and reception of their events. making sure that feedback is relevant and asks the right questions from your attendees will ensure that your event will grow and see more positive responses in future.  

Lets show you how you can collect and analyse feedback and the methods you could use to gather data.

Valuable Data

Event feedback opens the door to a whole world of possibilities for your event. it benefits everyone from Attendees and sponsors right to exhibitors, use the unique points of your event and make a list of things that you exclusively offer to your attendees as the base ground for your feedback collection. 

There’s always room for improvement whether it be over-all enjoyment or effectiveness of presentations.

Encourage Feedback

Sometimes the best feedback is the hardest to obtain. when a multiple choice question wont do, it’s time to consider new methods to get more comprehensive responses, this could be done through incentives! make it fun and exciting with prizes and/or points. 

Gathering data and analyzing feedback.

Live session, daily event or comprehensive feedback can all be collected through your Event App. As for the analysis thereof- using features such as audience participation and tracking through live discussions, it’s easy to combine this information with your attendee feedback to figure out trends or what and why a certain element of the event was popular or not. 


it’s best practice to seek out correlations in the feedback, if the majority of attendees find they didn’t enjoy a particular seminar, start to think about how to make it more appealing, there’s always room to grow, take time to consider how you will improve on your event through feedback and make it the best it can be! Always make effective use of your feedback. 


Get in touch with us to find out how you can use your App to collect feedback. 

The Fast Forward Team