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Market your event using social media

Using social media to market your event is a great idea, it helps connect with your audience, build your brand and drive attendees to your event. Lets show you how!

Start by making sure your social media accounts are all set to business profiles, these will give you more insight into the analytics of your posts etc. Build out your profiles with all the right information as well as a link to direct them to your website.

Engage, Engage, Engage!

  1. Create a solid content plan, this is crucial for gaining, maintaining and entertaining your followers, post content that the followers want to see as opposed to content that they would just scroll past, your post content should be intriguing, mix it up with videos, images, interesting links and quotes.
  2. Be exclusive! encourage your attendees and audience to follow your social accounts for announcements by releasing certain details about your event on your planned platforms, by doing this you create anticipation behind your event, this can also be helpful for encouraging uptake of your App.
  3. A great way to encourage user-generated content and engagement with your brand is to create a hashtag related to your event. Use local and relevant hashtags to your industry to maximise the reach of your posts


Run a contest to increase engagement, have followers like and share your posts to enter into the competition, this will maximise your reach and increase following.

Analyse and Improve

Analyse your posts to make sure your following is increasing, play around with your captions, posting dates and times and vary the image content to improve your reach, there’s always room for improvement


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