Fast Forward Interactive

Increase your app uptake.

Having an App does not guarantee that attendees will download it, lets have a look at some things you can do in order to increase your App uptake.


Start promoting the App before the time, have details about the App on your website and social media and possibly consider an email campaign. The details should include how to download and assess the App and a run down of the benefits and plus points of using the App.

 To maximize your reach, consider some proven promotional tactics:

  • Create a social hashtag
  • Include a downloadable flyer on emails
  • Send all sms and emails with hyperlinks.

Keep the ball rolling.

  • Have an App help desk on-site
  • Mention the App during sessions
  • Add to printed signage near registration desk
  • Have staff helpthe attendees


Build excitement with gamification! People thrive when given the opportunity to compete! Awawrd points for actions that you would like to see happening, be it visiting certain pages, engaging in conversations or updating their profiles. Award a prize for the first place on the leaderboard- this is also a fantastic way to leverage off of your sponsors.

Build a digital community within your App by providing a platform for attendees to share experiences and post photos, promt discussions and post images to build excitement.