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Host your event virtually!

A virtual event is an online event that involves people interacting in a virtual environment on the web or on an App, rather than meeting in a physical location.


In Lieu of the current market threats there are many benefits of hosting a virtual event with your Event App. A Virtual Event is an excellent lead generation tool, it expands your audience reach beyond specific regions, reduces costs and maximizes ROI. What percentage of your members or potential audience actually attend your events? By opening your conference up to those who cannot attend in person, for whatever reason, you are showing those attendees they are still important to your organization.


Let’s look at 6 Benefits of a virtual Event:


  • Engagement: Your audience can instantly log in and be a part of the event.
  • Measurable Feedback: Collection of information which isn’t as easily acquired at live events, you will be able to see who attends, when and where they are from and how many attend, hearing from your audience can be instantaneous and all question and answer sessions can be delivered in real time.
  • Ultimate Convenience: Virtual events are convenient for both organizers and attendees.
  • Sponsorship Leverage: Along with the added exposure of having all attendees on one platform you can still make use of your normal sponsorship packages where sponsors can have banners, page headers, push notifications and pop-up messages. Give your sponsor more exposure by having them create a short video giving step by step instructions on how to use the platform. Have them point out important features like Q&A functions, chat room and presentation download areas.
  • Global Access: Having a Virtual Event expands globally. Virtual events have the ability to reach more candidates. Sometimes, candidates are unable to attend your in-person events due to time, budget or location. Businesses can reach an unlimited audience regardless of these factors. Users can access from anywhere within the world.
  • Reduced Cost: Because there are no logistics related to venue, travel, hotels and food, Your virtual Event reduces the overall costs of putting on an event.

What features does our Entegy Event App have for Virtual Events?


 Communication and sessions

Host live sessions, Schedule sessions, make use of webinars and leverage off youtube! The possibilities are endless!


Live Polling Q&A

  • Snap polls and voting.
  • Q&A with question upvoting.
  • Show results by demographics.
  • Open the conversation with live, chat-room style discussion.
  • Show profile names and images with submitted comments and questions. Add a quiz for further engagement.


  • Manage design with simple editing tools and previews.
  • Create projects with quick setup, bulk importing, editing and exporting tools.
  • Plan and schedule emails and push notifications to suit your communications plan
  • Measure event success with real-time insights and extensive ROI analysis before, during and after your event.

Networking and gamification:

  • Connect attendees with direct and group messaging.
  • Searchable in-app profile list.
  • Attendees can manage and edit personal profile, image and privacy settings. Provides powerful options to incentivise attendees.
  • Reward attendees with points for posting, commenting, participating and more.
  • Display a live leader board in the app. Get the conversation flowing pre, during and post event with an in-app activity feed.
  • Attendees can share thoughts, statuses, experiences and photos.
  • Includes comments on speakers, exhibitor and sponsor pages.
  • Post as event organiser or sponsor.
 Event App
  • Apply your event branding at every touch-point.
  • Flexible and adaptable to organize your content any way you like.
  • Manage the look and feel with custom design for app splash screens, menu background and icons, content pages and more.
  • Extensive branding & sponsorship opportunities.
  • Powerful schedule features, perfect for agendas of any size Create personalized schedules with registration data.
  • Quickly submit feedback on sessions or event surveys
  • Content can be customized based on attendee data or profile type
  • Native apps for both iOS and Android with web version for desktop, laptop and other devices.
  • Make the app publicly available, locked via a global password or require user login via a number of authentication options.
  • User login and/or shared passwords can be set for the entire app or selected pages and sections.
  • Multiple deployment options, including event branded store listings or rapid deployment via an existing event portal.
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