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8 ways to maximising personal engagement with members

Credit: Bisma Hanif, Content Writer – June 24, 2022

1) Make them your advocates


Just like every other business, member-based organisations also have an 80/20 customer distribution. That is, 20% of your members are highly loyal and act as your advocate and offer valuable actions without charging you a dime.


Make sure you recognise and reward them for their efforts by establishing an advocate program with the incentives like:


  • Access to exclusive content
  • VIP reservations to your events
  • 50% discounts (or free) on membership renewals
  • Product offerings
  • Shoutouts on social platforms
  • Advocate awards
  • Monthly prizes


In addition, 75% of B2B buyers consult three or more advocacy sources before they make a decision, so the program can also help you gain new members.


2) Ensure the Best Employee Experience Possible  


Employees are essential to business success, and we all know this. In fact, according to the Employee Engagement Benchmark Report by Demand Metric, 86% of the organiSations with higher engagement levels agree that an engaged workforce is a key factor in creating loyal customers.


Hence if you want to achieve members’ engagement in its full sense, increase your employees’ morale by providing them the best working experience. Empower each one of them with a sense of ownership and make them feel valued, no matter what their position is.


3) Celebrate Every Member  


Each day, pick a member to make their day. Send them a thank you cake, a relaxing spa package, or a chocolate treat. Don’t forget to send them a personal note that shows them how important they are.


4) Personalise Interactions  


Emails may seem less of an effort these days. Try sending your personalised letters (handwritten if you can) and calls to ask what you can do to improve their experience.

Your members will be surprised that you reach out for not promoting yourself but expressing gratitude and asking about their satisfaction.


5)  Take Consistent Feedback  


Your members want to feel heard. They want to participate in the organisation in a meaningful way. Thus, valuing their suggestions through feedback, surveys, and open forums is essential to keep them on board.


Find out how they are doing with their membership. How do they wish to improve it? Do they have any suggestions to improve the experience? You can also take their recommendations for upcoming conferences and events.


With Glue Up, you can create surveys, quizzes, and interactive polls to analyse your members’ opinions and preferences. Your survey responses are automatically synchronised with other data from the respondents, so you can see the bigger picture.


6) Use AI For Engagement  


AI can be a powerful resource for improving engagements. It can be your assistant to set up automatic meetings or answering messages during your off-hours.

Moreover, advanced AI offers a lifelike experience to your members through personalised replies via chatbots.


7) Arrange Volunteer Activities  


Many members join an association to support a cause such as organising a fundraising campaign, raising awareness regarding a social issue, or planting more trees in your city.


Bring your people together as a group by organising regular volunteer activities for them. Spending time together doing good results in meaningful relationships between members which ultimately leads to a stronger commitment towards your association.


8) Organise Speed Networking Events  


Speed networking is a great way to boost personal engagements among your members.


Glue Up’s speed networking platform connects people virtually on 1:1 call. You can pair attendees for a short face-to-face online call, so they can meet as many people as possible within a short time.


They can then take their networking to the next level by sharing their business cards and communicating on the My Glue community app.