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7 Effective Ways to Promote an Event on Social Media 


Credit: Ayesa Lubag, Marketing Content Specialist7 September 2023


Promoting an event on social media allows you to reach out and connect with attendees on a more personal level. 


With the right social media tools, you can effectively monitor the event’s progress and address all attendees’ concerns. They can also help you engage with others more creatively and provide the best attendee experience. 


In this article, you will learn how to promote an event on social media to build awareness of your event and increase event attendance. 


1. Craft the Perfect Event Hashtag


A hashtag can be a word, a title, or a phrase preceded by a hash sign that helps you send a message to the audience. 

Use it when categorizing posts, attracting followers to a niche, increasing engagement, and reaching target attendees to your event. 


We recommend hashtags when promoting events, as they are an excellent way for people to keep track of what’s happening before, during, and after the launch. 


Make sure to finalise your hashtag before you begin event promotion. You can incorporate it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and users only need to enter it in the search box.  When creating a hashtag, remember that it should be unique, short, memorable, and relevant for it to stand out. 

Refrain from using common phrases to avoid confusion and for the audience to quickly associate it with your brand or event. 


2. Include Event Hashtag in All Bios


Once you’ve finalised your event hashtag, go to the bios of all your social media accounts and include it in each.  


Write it together with the event link in your bio for the audience to easily access all the information that they need in one click. Assigning a hashtag is a promotion strategy that isn’t merely for information purposes. It’s an effective way to build new connections, engage the audience, and keep them while you market an event with a personal touch. 


3. Create and Manage an Event Page on Facebook


You can promote an event on your business page with Facebook Events. It allows you to post information about future events that everyone can access super-fast in one place. 


One of the many benefits of using it is that it saves money. When you intend to post an upcoming event on Facebook, you don’t need to spend money on invitations and postage anymore to inform and distribute them to invitees right away. 


You can easily set up an event on the social media platform in only a few minutes. All you have to do is to create a new one and enter all the required information. Plus, you can link to an external site on an event page. 


There’s also an option for you to select only the expected attendees. After this, you can quickly send out the invites to your online contacts. Remember to include pricing, event speakers or special guests, and the schedule when writing the event description. 


Furthermore, your event’s importance and the different activities attendees can participate in should be emphasised in the information provided. 


4. Produce High-Quality Content


Writing valuable content can help you attract and engage potential eventgoers when marketing events. Engaging content must tell a good story for it to catch attention and captivate the audience. Therefore, it requires insider details, challenges to be solved, and relevance to others. 


We recommend that you include images and videos in event posts to achieve maximum engagement. However, keep in mind that there must be a right balance between being informative and being salesy. 


You can go to your past successful events and gather photos that show attendees having a great time. Another option for you is to include speakers’ photos at the upcoming event to instill attendees’ enthusiasm. It’s crucial to create your own tailored social media content for every platform as there are different audiences you can tap on each.  


For instance, your content has to be concise on Twitter. While on the more sophisticated platform like LinkedIn, keeping your tone professional is advised. 


Lastly, as for Facebook, take advantage of its long character limit wherein you can add more information that can accompany your images or videos. 


5. Advertise on Facebook


Facebook ads are a targeted form of advertising that contains the message intended for a specific location, demographic, and profile information. Make sure to select the right one to reach your target audience and gain a higher conversion rate. 


This method doesn’t cost a lot, so you should reach a larger audience you haven’t connected with yet. Once you’ve created the ad, you can set a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions that your ad will get. The ad will then appear either in the News Feed on desktop, mobile, or in the right column of Facebook on desktop. 


When editing individual placement, keep the image professional using a high-resolution one and placing your logo to communicate the message effectively. 


6. Build an Event Landing Page


A landing page is a targeted web page that contains all the essential information designed to prompt visitors to take a specific action. All your promotion on social media would have to drive back traffic to it.  


It aims to collect leads, build the email list, and generate revenue. Moreover, it can be an effective way to encourage your prospects to participate in a valuable event you have prepared. 


Event landing pages should be easily scannable and must contain the right message. They have to be created specifically for event marketers’ needs–whether for visitors to register, buy tickets, or get notified for more details. 


A great event landing page needs to have a clear headline, an informative and compelling copy, with effective call-to-action buttons to attract attendees to register. 


Since there are many factors to consider for it to be truly effective, you need a tool for event management to get all the event landing page elements right. 



Here at Fast Forward Interactive, our Event Management Software, Glue Up, can help you build the perfect high-converting landing page for different types of events. With it, you can easily create custom event registration forms, choose and activate supported payment options, and add guest speakers along with the agenda. 


Manage Your Events All-in-one! Own Your Events at Every Stage. From small workshops and webinars to multi-day summits with thousands of attendees, Glue Up’s automated events platform makes event planning faster and more efficient for the whole team. 




 7. Ask Guest Speakers to Share Your Event


Guest speakers can attract people to your event. And if you make them your event marketing partners, you can even encourage more prospective attendees. 


Considered to be influencers in their respective industries, most influential speakers have built a strong professional network through the years. Therefore, asking them to share information about your event can go a long way. 


To make it easy for them to promote and share your event online, prepare content assets in advance. Be sure to use a professional-looking image of every speaker that’s consistent with the event branding. 


Since social media platforms require different image sizes depending on the content type, take the time to create graphics in various sizes. This method will make it convenient for your speakers to optimise the images on social media. 


Once you’re done, ask them also to share the event on their blogs and email signatures. 


Post an Event on social media and Boost Event Attendance 


Social media can effectively help you promote your event as it helps build brand awareness, expand your reach, create audience interaction, and increase event registration rates. 


Now that we have discussed some of the best social media event promotion strategies, we hope you find our tips helpful to include in your event marketing plan. Good luck in getting as many people as possible to attend your next event! 


If you’re looking for ways to simplify and modernize your event processes, be sure to book a demo with us. We are more than willing to help you scale up your events with our latest technology.