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Association Apps
Association apps

Community apps

We truly believe that the most effective way to keep members of a community connected is through a mobile app. We provide associations and communities all the tools needed to successfully engage with members. 


The deployment of our mobile app platform facilitates successful communication with and between your members throughout the year. Your association app is also ready to deploy as an interactive conference app when required.


We will transform the way you communicate with members by creating a totally customised mobile app that helps every aspect of audience engagement.


5 ways a mobile app can greatly benefit your association

App Features

Community App

The most flexible community app on the market, we offer superior design and customisation options, including links to external content.

Private Messaging

Members and employees can message each other with the private messaging capability as well as engage in group chats.

Push Notifications

Provide members with real-time updates, reminders and latest association news. Send notifications to members of specific groups.

Networking & Gamification

Boost engagement with an activity feed, private and group messaging. Accumulate points and unlock achievements by engaging with the app.

Automated Email Campaigns

Send branded emails via the CMS. Easily personalise content and schedule your emails for different audiences or choose from our ready-to-use templates.

Activity Feeds

Help build communities within the association and increase member engagement. Members can share articles and industry-specific insights

Event Integration

Easily integrate our powerful event suite within your app and take advantage of all our event modules whether for in-person or virtual events.

Measure Success

Create, control, and analyse from a central CMS. Measure app success with real-time insights and extensive ROI analysis.

Leverage Sponsors

Create highly targeted sponsorship packages that expand your associations sponsorship offerings while delivering measurable ROI.

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