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Event suite

Streamline Communication

Superior design customisation options, the intuitive user interface of our event apps will delight attendees with a seamless event experience.

Strengthen Engagement

Bring your event to life by empowering attendees to share content, create meaningful connections and participate in live activity feeds.

Simplify Logistics

Maximise ROI for exhibitors and sponsors with the Lead Capture module. Track, monitor, manage and report attendee movements with our Attendance Tracking module.

Event Suite

Integrated Event Suite

We create impactful virtual or in-person events and conferences using appropriate software to meet your needs.


Our Event Suite is a powerful event communication, engagement and logistics platform that empowers creators, inspires attendees and rewards stakeholders.


Consisting of a set of powerful modules that work independently or together, our Event Suite delivers remarkable experiences at events of all sizes and budgets.

Event Suite Modules

Event Websites

Create a custom website that maximises user experience and design. Streamline your content across the website, event app and CMS.

Event Apps

The most flexible event app on the market, we offer superior design and customisation options including event scheduling, and sponsorship.

Attendance Tracking

Track, monitor, report and manage. Access real-time insights and live data to help you manage attendance, catering, safety, or mandatory sessions.

Automated Email Campaigns

Send branded eDMs via the CMS. Easily personalise content and schedule your emails for different audiences or choose from our ready-to-use templates.

Interactive Sessions

Boost participation with interactive sessions. Easily moderate, create polls and manage what the audience can see and do. Integrate audience profiles for rich data.

Live Streaming

Offering a host of engagement features, our live streaming can also be used with the event app and the Attendee Connect module for a better event experience.

Networking & Gamification

Boost engagement with an activity feed, private and group messaging. Accumulate points and unlock achievements by engaging with the app.

Lead Capture

Maximise ROI for your exhibitors and sponsors with an easy-to-use lead capture app. Instantly convert visitors into meaningful and qualified leads.

Badge Printing

Deliver a safer event with touchless badge printing. Create dynamic badges with custom layouts and designs. Our badges also integrate with attendee data.

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