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Membership Management

Don’t just manage your
members. Engage them.

Increase productivity and simplify your operations with the software that helps you build, manage, engage and understand your community.

Membership Management

Get to Truly Know Every Member of

Your Community

The only membership software which helps you with both keeping your members happy and with generating new revenue streams.

Make it Easy for Everyone

Premium user experience designed for your and all your members’ absolute comfort.

Engage your Members

Gain instant visibility into engagement and performance with interactive dashboards and profiles.

Stay Engaged, Anywhere

You and your members are doing more and more work from mobile devices, so the software comes with two mobile apps - one for you and one for your members.

Membership Workflows

Automate Manual Processes

Automate your membership management processes from new applications, through events, to renewals to maximize retention and to pamper your members with a premium experience they deserve.

Member Directory

Enable Your Community to Thrive

Digitize your membership directory and provide your community with instant access to member profiles and information. All members can search the directory via the web platform or mobile apps.

Member Directory
Member Directory

Member Lists & Advanced Search

Personalize Your Communication

Keep all member information up-to-date, secure, and centralized in one place automatically. Easily search and save member information into lists so you can utilize the data across the platform.

Member Application

Recruit New Members Effortlessly

Provide custom online application forms and several membership types with custom pricing and discounts to easily bring prospective members in the door.

Member Application
Member Application
Smart Lists

Smart Lists & Advanced Search

Personalize Your Approach

Easily search and save contacts into different lists so you can personalize your marketing activities and stay targeted. Activate your data to unify your client communications strategy and stay in touch with everyone critical to your organization’s growth.

Smart Lists

We mean it when we say it's all in one


Manage all your contacts in one place and leverage analytics


Give your community place where they can engage

Online & Offline Events

Plan, promote, execute and evaluate all your events.


Automate Membership processes and provide a premium experience.

Email Campaigns

Create, send and deliver professional email campaigns.

Finance & Invoicing

Streamline all your finance related processes and grow revenue.


Get things done from an idea to successful completion.


Find answers to questions with surveys, quizzes and polls.

CPD Credits

Manage and scale up your trainings and certification courses.


Upgrade your online presence with a fully integrated website.

Attendee App

Provide attendees and members a mobile app to engage anywhere.

Manager App

Manage your operations and stay in the know on the go.

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